Your Career as a Union HVAC Technician
with training from UA Local 101 in Belleville, Illinois

Union HVAC technicians can specialize in Commercial Construction, Commercial/Industrial Instrumentation, Commercial/Industrial Maintenance, Digital Control Instrumentation, Energy Management Systems, Heating/Ventilation and Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration.

Your career as a HVAC technician begins with an apprenticeship. This is a highly selective program and acceptance for training depends on the applicant’s qualifications and the manpower need of the trade. Applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalent. The actual selection and supervision of the apprenticeship program is done by members of a joint apprenticeship committee. This committee consists of people with considerable experience representing both management and labor.

After acceptance into our apprenticeship program, you will complete 5 years apprenticeship training at our training facility and on-the-job with a certified journeyperson as your mentor. The apprenticeship training consists of at least 10,000 hours of on-the-job training and a minimum of 1,250 hours of related training in the classroom. Classes are taught by certified journeypeople who have completed annual instructor training programs provided by the UA, our international union.

Upon completion of your apprenticeship, which is registered through the Bureau of Apprenticeship Training, U.S. Department of Labor, you reach journeyperson status. Local 101 offers continuing education classes in varied areas of specialization. New union HVAC service technicians are evaluated for skill level and advance through their own initiative.
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