Water Main/Sewer Contractors in the Belleville, Illinois Area

We are proud to list these fine Union 101 Contractors To Serve All Your Plumbing, Pipefitting, and HVAC Needs.

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A & H Mechanical

Contact: Curt Hoppes

Phone: 618-874-5588

Bergmann/Roscow Plumbing

Contact: Tony Bergmann/EJ Roscow

Phone: 618-233-1324

Ehret Inc.

Contact: Mike Ehret

Phone: 618-233-1018

Company Website

Haier Plumbing

Contact: Fred Haier

Phone: 618-243-5908

Kassen Excavating

Contact: Dave Kassen

Phone: 618-248-5676

Korte & Luitjohan Contractors

Contact: Pete Korte

Phone: 618-654-9877

Company Website

Litteken Plumbing

Contact: Chad Litteken

Phone: 618-224-2249

Kamadulski Excavating & Grading Co.


Deering Plumbing

& Farm Piping Services

Contact : Eric Deering

Phone: 618-972-4953